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The Central Florida Commercial Association of REALTORS® (CFCAR) is a stand-alone commercial overlay board. Our charter from the National Association of REALTORS® is to focus on COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE ONLY. We deliver a broad array of resources to help members provide the best service to their clients, and to be the best in their field.

Joining the leadership of CFCAR is a powerful statement. You will become part of a group that will help develop the organization's growth and value to members. Below are the position overviews of the board and the committees that feed into our board. All are imperative to the community's success.

Directors at Large for CFCAR Board of Directors

Directors at Large shall represent the association's interests within areas of strategic planning, guidance and fiscal responsibility. They are to perform such duties as are customary for a position of at-large member or as may be assigned or delegated by the Executive Committee. The position is to focus on the support of membership growth through value development. They will act as liaison with chairs of committees to ensure quality leadership communication.

Directors should be nominated in early August each year. The slate shall be approved by the Executive Committee. Director at Large positions are for a term of 2 years commencing January 1. Board members may be Primary, Secondary, Institute Affiliate or Alliance Members. Only Primary or Secondary REALTOR® members can become officers of the board and/or President.


Committees help to organize some of the most important work of CFCAR — considering, shaping, and guiding ideas and options to support membership value, education and programs. A committee is a body of members that works in close contact with the board of directors. Usually, the board sends matters to a committee as a way to explore them more fully than would be possible if the board itself were considering them. This is an important stepping stone to board membership.

Membership Committee

  • Objective: To identify the needs of members and recommending the development of services to meet those needs.
  • Goals: Create a culture of open community, knowledge and business growth.
  • Time Donation: 20 minutes a month to provide guidance and support to staff and Executive Committee to develop communications to engage and grow membership.

Programs Committee

  • Objective: To select a strong speaker or panel program for luncheons throughout the year.
  • Goal:  Engage members and build attendance at luncheons while providing valuable knowledge.
  • Time Donation: 30 minutes a quarter to support staff in agreeing topics and speakers for luncheons.

Education Committee

  • Objective: To provide members with current information on educational opportunities available to CRE professionals. The session planning will include training as deemed necessary.
  • Goal: Build knowledge and business strength in the commercial real estate community.
  • Time Donation: 45 minutes a quarter to support staff in agreeing topics and speakers for education sessions throughout the year.

Hallmark Awards Committee

  • Objective: To identify suitable awards categories; review and approve applications; select award winners from applications; create new awards as needed; and revise and restructure applications as needed.
  • Goal: Give value to the awards process and develop a strong community awards program.
  • Time Donation: Over three months donate 1 hour a month to develop program. 1 day for judging of all nominations.

Outlook Breakfast Committee

  • Objective: To develop the Outlook Breakfast, an annual event the provides economic projections for the commercial real estate market from global, state, and local experts who will provide a perspectives crucial to business.
  • Goal: Develop speakers and a program that will engage everyone from the commercial community throughout Central Florida.
  • Time Donation: 30 minutes a month to support staff in engaging speakers and panelists for the event and making introductions to groups who will send delegates.

Vendor Alliance Committee

  • Objective: To develop mutual benefits for vendors and REALTOR® members.
  • Goal: Develop a strong value proposition to support vendor members grow their business through strategic sponsorship marketing.
  • Time Donation: Annual program review - 1 hour. Once program developed it will require 15 minutes a month to share ideas and make introductions to prospective Alliance Members.
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