The Central Florida Commercial Association of Realtors® (CFCAR) is a stand-alone commercial overlay board. Our charter from the National Association of Realtors® is to focus on COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE ONLY. We deliver a broad array of resources to help members provide the best service to their clients, and to be the best in their field. You will obtain cost effective business building tools through your CFCAR membership and build a strong network that will help you build your business.

You will join members who are professionals from all areas of the commercial real estate community - brokers, agents, administration, financial, legal and service providers—you will be joining a group of like-minded professionals across the region. We encourage deals member to member—becoming part of this synergistic group will help further your business & career goals.

We have changed the name of our professional vendor membership to ALLIANCE MEMBER to reflect the business alliance we look to develop with you all… Joining CFCAR as an Alliance Member will provide opportunities to do business. However, you will only build and develop that business by becoming involved.

Donate less than an hour a month and join a committee, become a speaker at a lunch or host an event. Sponsorship's are only part of the sales model that will deliver success. We can help you by customizing a membership package.

The POWER OF MEMBERSHIP is delivering high value to your company through the many benefits of CFCAR from our dynamic high profile events such as the annual Outlook Breakfast and Hallmark Awards to our monthly luncheons and social networking events…

By becoming a CFCAR Alliance Member, you will have the opportunity to:

 Establish strong relationships within the commercial real estate industry across 9 counties

 Capitalize on networking opportunities across 9 counties

 Extend the brand recognition of your organization across 9 counties

 Develop the leadership skills needed to succeed

 Meet decision makers and establish referral business across 9 counties

Discount available for 2 years
 ONE YEAR$1,500 $1,000 $750  $500 
 TWO YEARS$2,500   $1,500 $1,000  $750

 Memberships - individuals from company  3  2  1  1
 Outlook Tickets  3  2  1  1
 Hallmark Awards Tickets   3   2  1  1
 Lunch & Social Tickets per month  6   4  4  2
 Special Event Ticket Discounts  30%  20%  10%  5%
 Website - banner ads 12 months   6 months  3 months  -
 Newsletter - banner ads 12 months  6 months  -
 Newsletter - logo 12 months  9 months  6 months   
 Included on Directory  

 Host Member Lunch  -  -
 Promotion Material @ Lunch  -
 2 min. promo at lunch
 Recognized from Podium  -
 Home Page Static Logo with link  -
 Home Page Scrolling Logo  -
 Logo on Loop at Events

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